History of Blue Cloth

The Blue Coat of George Washington


As the new Commander-in-Chief during the Revolutionary War, George Washington recognized that his men needed uniforms after witnessing them arriving to battle in rags. 

A secret committee was formed in 1776 to find and purchase the first official uniforms of the new Continental Army. Merchants from New England began secretly purchasing blue cloth from Europe (surely listed as 'cloth, blue'). 

Today, the Department of Defense (usually) provides our nation's military with the finest uniforms fit for the world's greatest fighting force. Blue Cloth seeks to provide everyone who serves with the shirt that they love to wear the most. A custom unit shirt that tells their history and story of service. 


Blue Cloth may be a new name and company to you, but this team has been hard at work for years in the military and in the apparel business. The founder of Blue Cloth is Mike Nemeth, a 2004 graduate from West Point. His business partner is Tim Michael, an Ohio State ROTC grad and Vietnam-era Navy officer. Blue Cloth is 100% veteran owned and committed to delivering you the best experience possible to change the way you wear your history. 

If you have any questions, you can email the founder, Mike, directly at mike@wearbluecloth.com